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Hydraulic well mounted rudder propellers

Our hydraulic well mounted rudder propellers are commonly used on fishing vessels. But they are also highly suitable for other situations that call for compact solutions that take up very little space in the engine room and cause the fewest possible obstacles at the rear of the vessel.

Slowly but surely, more and more shipyards, boat owners and skippers are opting for hydraulic rudder propellers above mechanical units. This is not so strange given the many advantages of hydraulic systems.

The advantages of hydraulics

  • Significant cost savings. Cheaper to purchase, cheaper to maintain and repair.
  • Less damage. No bevel gears, no drive shafts, special seal system. Equipped with shear pins, very solid construction, even suitable for Arctic conditions.
  • Shorter delivery times. Thanks to an advanced production process and ample stock.
  • Simple, quick and easy to assemble. Plug-and-play system, assembly without alignment. Can be installed at any height, even entirely submerged in water.
  • Choose for yourself where to install the engine.
  • Greater flexibility on-board. Besides the propeller, with a hydraulic power pack you can also power other systems, such as a crane, a winch or even a generator. As a result, you need fewer diesel engines to do the same thing.
  • Optimal manoeuvrability. From full steam ahead to full astern in 2 seconds. Quick steerage, ideal for dynamic positioning.
  • Super-compact, good performance, low noise level, can also run on bio-oil.




Please see below video for a short animation of the advantages.