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Purchase & Mediation

Do you know exactly what rudder propeller you need, but are unable to find precisely that type? Or can the system that you want to have, be delivered, but not within the required time? Are you looking for rare parts?

No issue, just call or e-mail DWG. It is with ‘tricky cases’ that we are at our best. We have an enormous network in the maritime world, and we will happily use this to help our clients out. Our employees will personally help you search for systems or parts, and will mediate in their purchase.

Even if you are in possession of propulsion systems (or spare parts) which you would like to sell, please contact us. Given our network we can connect you with potential buyers or perhaps we might buy it from you ourselves.

For our customers we are always looking for spare parts or propulsion systems.

Currently, we are very specifically looking for:

- Schottel Pump Jets

Looking forward hearing from you!